I think I can…


There is no try! 

 Do, or do not. 

There is no try!!!                       


Robert Schuller wrote a book in the seventies “The Power of Positive Thinking”  ( If my memory is correct.)

 A long time ago in school, I remember reading  about something called  a “self fulfilled prophecy”  where what we said was going to happen, happened, because of our influence.

Before that, there was “The Little Engine That Could” 

I think I can.        I think I can.           I think I can.

The idea of how our mental state effects our ability to achieve our goals has been around for a long time.  Gloria blogged recently on how our attitude can effect our joy. (This is where I would put a link, if I knew how to do it. )  It reminded me about how our attitude effects our ability to succeed.  If we believe that we can do something, we have a much better shot at accomplishing it than if we don’t believe that we can.

Obviously this doesn’t mean that I can breathe underwater, or fly by flapping my arms, but it does mean that I can do a lot more, if I have faith in myself.  Or, better yet,  a faith in God that allows me to believe that all things are possible.


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7 Responses to “I think I can…”

  1. Gloria Says:

    Some day I’ll show you how 🙂 Maybe the same day I get you signed up for Facebook 🙂
    attitude does determine how the day goes — rotten attitude has never produced a good day for me yet.

  2. Pastor Curt Says:

    Facebook??? Ugh!! I have a bad attitude towards Facebook:)

  3. Cherie Bell Says:

    Nice try.

    The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

    BTW – Happy (23rd?) Anniversary!!

  4. Cherie Bell Says:

    ps LOVE the Yoda quote!!

  5. Pastor Curt Says:

    Cherie, thanks for the correction. I am glad that I put in the disclaimer. I had a hunch something was off. I should have just googled it, instead of looking for my copy:)

  6. Cherie Bell Says:

    Yeah…I guess I should have Googled your and Gloria’s anniversary date, too!

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