Police Shootings

In our area there have been two men shot by police in the past week.  This is unusual for our normally quiet, Iowa community.  In both situations the officer was clearly threatened or attacked. 

The first incident involved a man who was wanted for questioning in an assault.  When the officer tried to take the individual into custody, the man refused to comply with the officer’s orders.  The officer used his taser, but it was ineffective.  That is not supposed to happen.  The officer was attacked, bitten, had his head smashed into the concrete and was on the ground being choked.  Only then did he pull his firearm and shoot the assailant.

The second incident involved a response to a domestic disturbance.  When the officer arrived at the scene, the man came to the door with a meat cleaver in his hand.  He refused to obey commands to drop the cleaver, and came at the officer in a threatening manner.

The officer shot him.

That is the basic information as reported in our local newspaper.  My concern is; what has happened to basic respect for authority?  Do people really think that they can attack police officers?  Do they think that they can refuse compliance with simple orders?    I sincerely hope that this is just a freak occurrence and not a growing trend.

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2 Responses to “Police Shootings”

  1. Gloria Says:

    While I was working at the middle school it became apparent real quick that there has been a shift. No respect for authority, not thinking they have to do anything that they don’t want to do, — I was grateful that it was just a handful of students but sadden that it was a handful.
    Some of them, at that young age, already know how to work the system. Where did they learn that from? Sometimes after meeting the parents it was very clear who taught them that nothing mattered except what they wanted. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you was clearly not in their vocubulary. But just let them think they were unjustly treated and look out….

  2. Pastor Curt Says:

    I suppose that this is where the church has the opportunity to exert a favorable influence.

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