Vacation was wonderful!!!  We are not a family that tries to pack a lot of activity into our vacation plans.  We unplug, unwind, slow down, smell the roses…etc.  Lots of rest and relaxation, with just a little bit of recreation tossed into the day.

Vacation ended Saturday.

I understand when objects come into the earth’s atmosphere that there is a dramatic change which produces intense heat.  Space shuttles are built to handle the extreme temperature changes.  Reentry into the earth’s atmosphere is a critical time as the danger of burning up is very real.

Returning to work as a pastor is kind of like that.  You don’t get to ease into it.  You’re gone, then, you’re back.  Thankfully God gives grace to the people that He calls into ministry.  (As well as grace to the people we are called to pastor!)  Keep praying for us.  We will keep praying for you.


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