Spiritual Disciplines

It has been said that the church today neglects spiritual disciplines. Spiritual disciplines are an important part of personal, spiritual growth.  The basics are scripture, prayer, and fellowship.

Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments should be read regularly.  It is also good to do more in depth study in addition to casual reading.  The memorization of meaningful passages is also a helpful practice. 

Prayer is talking with God.  It includes worship, supplication, listening, meditation, and fasting.  Worship is giving praise and thanks to God.  Supplication is bringing our requests for assistance or intervention to God.  Listening is being quiet before God and being open to the voice of His Spirit.  Meditation is quieting our minds and bodies and focusing on the an aspect of God’s Word or character.  Fasting is depriving ourselves of some material substance for a time to focus our attention on the spiritual.

Fellowship is gathering together with other believers.  It should be both formally, at church services and events; and informally, in a variety of ways and places.  It may be for worship, instruction, study,  prayer or simply recreation.  Christians are meant to be in community, not in isolation. 

These spiritual disciplines are necessary for spiritual health and should not be neglected.

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