A little consideration please…

While I was at summer church camp this year as a counselor there were a couple of things that I did, that were different from previous years.

I waited in line with the campers for meals.

In previous years the counselors helped serve the food.  We were told to help serve, then cut in line; or to cut in line, and then help serve.  Either way the camp director did not want us to wait in line.  He wanted us out and about.  This year the camp hired people to serve the meals, and there was no direction given about cutting in line, so I decided to wait in line with the campers.

The first meal had an hour wait.

I couldn’t believe it.  Part of the problem was that there were a LOT of people cutting in line up near the front.  It was quite a problem because the people who were willing to wait in line patiently (or impatiently!) had to wait longer because of the people who walked in and joined their friends towards the front of the line. 

How inconsiderate!!!

The second thing that was different this year is that I decided to help maintain the miniature golf course.  The first night, after the service, I was walking around outside and noticed that there were a lot of rocks cluttering the greens.  It made the course unplayable.  I decided to start clearing off the rocks, one green at a time.  As I was doing this, a few other people joined me, and in about an hour, the course was clear and able to be played again. 

The part that galled me was that this process had to be repeated several times a day.  I would check on the course from time to time throughout the day and there were always rocks on the course.  (One time I actually caught two boys as they tossed rocks, one by one,  onto a green.  I enlisted their help with the cleanup that time!) 

How inconsiderate!!!

I realize that cutting in line and tossing rocks onto putting greens are small things, but I believe that they are symptomatic of a larger problem.  There is a lack of consideration of how our actions affect other people.  A person doesn’t want to wait in line, so they cut.  Never mind that it means that other people have to wait longer.  Someone is bored, so they toss rocks onto a green.  Never mind that the green becomes quickly unplayable unless someone cleans off the rocks. 

The people who cut in line, and the people tossing rocks were being selfish and inconsiderate.  I am sure that they thought, that what they were doing was no big deal, (and in the scope of things it really wasn’t)  but they were not the ones, being made to wait longer, or the ones doing the cleanup work.

This world would be a better place if we simply acted with a little consideration of how our actions impact others.


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