A Simple Weight Loss Plan

A few years ago, I went from 197 to 155.  I had never really thought of myself as overweight, but when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, I needed to make some changes.  I did not want to immediately go on medication and thought that I would try diet and exercise first. 

The basic premise of weight loss is simple.  Burn more calories than you consume.  I already exercised a fair amount.  I utilize a cross training technique that employs aerobic and strength training.  So, I needed to make changes in my diet.    I looked over the list given to me by my doctor, of recommended and not recommended foods and decided to allow myself two “checks” in a day.  (Previously, I was consuming ten to fifteen “checks” in a day!)  A check is a food that contains something on the “not recommended list”.   I would increase the consumption of recommended foods.  I also decided to eat only twice a day, no snacks. 

This plan worked like a charm.  I lost weight and lowered my cholesterol.

Once I achieved my goal weight of 155 (which was what I weighed when I came home on leave after Marine Corps boot camp over twenty five years ago) I went back to three meals a day.  And snacks.  My weight crept back on a few pounds here and there until I found myself again at 187.  I recognized that a change was needed.  (The suits that I had tailered at 155 didn’t fit at 187!)  The problem was, I did not want to go back to two meals a day.  I tried adjusting what I eat, and managed to lose 10lbs but I was stuck in the mid 170s. 

Then a simple plan occurred to me.  I will continue to eat three meals a day, but there are some rules.

Breakfast is either oatmeal, or a heart healthy cereal… and not a large bowl.

One meal will be only fruit, or a small salad, and a glass of milk.

The third meal is a sensible, balanced,  meal.

There are a few rules.  No buffets until goal weight is achieved.  No snacks,  no sweets, except one miniature dark chocolate a day.

This is a diet.  When my goal weight is achieved then I can again eat normally.  The plan is to keep my weight between 155 and 160. ( I check my weight every morning.)  When I hit 160, I will diet until I hit 155 again.  I suspect that I will strive to stay within the desired range by adjusting the amounts that I eat so that I don’t have to diet. 

As each 5lbs benchmark is achieved, I will allow myself one treat.

I don’t like to diet.  I like to eat, but I also want to fit my suits. 

I have been on this plan for a little over a week.  This morning I weighed 169.  Fourteen pounds to go.

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