Come, Grow and Go

Come!   This refers to two things.  First it is an invitation to come to Jesus.  Our first step is to enter into a personal relationship with God through our faith in Jesus as the Christ.  It is also a refererence to come together as the people of God.  By that I mean, come to church.  We are not meant to live in isolation, but as part of a community of faith.

Grow!  I believe that as Christians we should seek to grow in knowledge, godliness, and ability.  God will continue his work in us, but he desires our cooperation.

Go!  I believe that we are to go to work for the kingdom of God.  I do not mean that we should all quit our jobs.  I mean that we are to be his witnesses whenever possible.   We are to contribute to the work of God in this world.  There is something for us all to do.

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2 Responses to “Come, Grow and Go”

  1. Gloria Says:

    very catchy!!

  2. Pastor Curt Says:

    Thanks, I like it.

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