A Little Respect

James Corbett, a high school history teacher at a Southern California public high school, was found to be guilty of violating the First Amendment when he called creationism “superstitious nonsense” during a lecture.  Chad Farnan, his student at the time, took offense and filed a complaint.  U.S. District judge James Seina made the ruling, citing the establishment clause.  That clause has been interpreted to mean that government employees are prohibited from displaying religious hostility.

Although Christianity is the primary religion in the United States, (also world wide) it has sometimes seemed as though teachers could get away with almost any negative, critical, comments without reprimand.  I am very glad to hear that, at least in public schools, religious beliefs, including Christianity, should be treated with a little respect.

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4 Responses to “A Little Respect”

  1. morsec0de Says:

    I somewhat agree. Religious belief should essentially be ignored in public schools, neither praised nor insulted.

    That being said, had he merely called creationism “superstitious”, I think that would have been perfectly fine. Calling it nonsense, while I happen to agree with him, steps over the line from fact to opinion.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      morsecoOde, thanks for commenting. I appreciate that you recognize that calling creationism nonsense stepped over a line.

      I would like to suggest that there is a difference between superstition and Christianity. Christianity believes in the existence of God, who we understand as almighty, all powerful, all knowing, and willing, at times, to intervene in the activities of the world. Simply put, we believe that God who is supernatural, can act in the material realm around us.

      Superstition is the belief that things in the material world around us can somehow shortcut natural laws and cause things to happen in the material realm. That is; items in the material world having a supernatural effect.

      You may not believe in God but I hope that you can see that there may be, and is to many people, a difference between superstition and religious belief.

  2. Holly Ricca Says:

    I agree. They never should have taken God out of the schools in the first place. Unfortunatly it has been a trickle down effect.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Holly, things in schools have certainly changed; and not for the better, since they took that action.

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