Hybrid People

Hybrid cars are automobiles that have two different engines.  Normally they are electric and gasoline.   The electric engine will provide propulsion part of the time and the gasoline engine will provide propulsion the rest of the time.

We are comprised of flesh and spirit, body and soul, or material and nonmaterial, if you prefer.  At times we are operating in the flesh, at other times we are operating in the spirit. 

It is important that we take care of our physical and spiritual beings.  Proper nourishment, exercise and rest for the physical; prayer, Bible study, and fellowship for the spiritual.

It is also important that we recognize the proper order.  As Christians we seek to be “living in the Spirit” as opposed to “walking in the flesh”.  We want to “seek  first the kingdom of God” and “all these other things will be added unto us”.

May God help us to continue “running smooth”.

Does your engine need a tune up?

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3 Responses to “Hybrid People”

  1. Daily News About Religion : A few links about Religion - Thursday, 30 April 2009 05:01 Says:

    […] Hybrid People […]

  2. Gloria Says:

    spirit and flesh — the strongest one will be the one fed the most.

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