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The Fellowship of the Saints

April 25, 2009

God’s people are not meant to live in isolation.  It is one thing to draw away by oneself for periods of time.  I believe that we can all use some time alone.  Jesus himself, would go off to be alone and to pray.  It is good to spend some time alone with God.

However, there is a definite need for God’s people to gather together.  We can encourage one another, support one another, give instruction or advice, and simply enjoy the fellowship of the saints.  The best place for this to take place is at the local church.  People can gather together to worship, to pray, to receive instruction from the Word.  It is a good thing.

I say this, not just because I am a pastor, but because I believe it to be true.  Long before I was a pastor, I regularly attended church services.  I expect that I will do so for as long as I am physically able to  get out and about.

I hope that you too, will make church attendance a priority in your life.  It will do you good.