Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life as opposed to death,  I understand. 

Liberty is a precious commodity.  How free are we?  My platoon sergeant, back in my days in the USMC, a long time ago, once told me that the only thing that we have to do is die.  Every thing else is a choice.  We just have to be willing to deal with the consequences of our choices.  It is those consequences, and the limitations that are place upon us by both internal and external factors that impact our experience of freedom.

The pursuit of happiness appears to be different for each individual, yet at it core I believe that it is the same for everyone.

I would suggest that true joy is found in our inner relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  I believe that this internal relationship produces a joy that this world cannot understand and cannot take away.  Our problems arise when we look to the things of this world to make us happy as opposed to the God who is in, but not of this world.

Rejoice in the Lord.    Always!

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