Who Cares?

Who cares?

Why should I care?

Why do I care?

There is only so much time, money and energy.  There does not seem to be enough to go around because actually, I care about a lot of things.  It is to those things that we care the most about that we will divert our resources.

What we care about reveals our nature.  We will act on those things that are important to us.   Our action reveals our character.

What is important to us?

Why are the same things not important to everyone?

How can we convince others to join us in the things that are important to us?

When we care about a lot of things, how do we choose what is most important?

How do we know if we are right to care?  Or if we are caring about the right things? 

If it is the right things, why doesn’t everyone feel the same way?

What if we spend our lives caring about the wrong things?


4 Responses to “Who Cares?”

  1. Gloria Says:

    Sometimes we allow others to dictate to us what is important. I am reminded of a saying on a pastor’s desk “Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.” At first I was taken back but then the more I thought about it, the more truth I saw in it. Many times when others don’t think things through they expect someone else to bail them out. Ah, learning when to and when not to. Learning to care but not enable people to stay in the pattern that got them there can be tricky.

  2. Pastor Curt Says:


    All of life is a learning process.

  3. joshua Wright Says:

    if you hadn’t cared about me I wouldn’t be here today, and because you did I’m finally learning to do what God’s will in my life is

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      What a pleasant surprise it was it see a comment from you! I hope and pray that all is going well in your life and with your family.

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