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End Starvation

March 3, 2009

Right now, there are people dying of starvation.  This is a problem that has existed for a long time, and yet it persists.  In theory the solution sounds rather simple.  

1.  Grow enough food to feed the population of the world. 

 2. Process and package 

 3.  Transport

4.  Distribute

Unfortunately, the difficulty and cost of actually accomplishing these simply stated tasks on the level that is necessary is substantial.  There are numerous agencies that are working to eradicate hunger, but they could use more help, more contributions, more involvement, more prayers,  of more people.       

This blog is not intended to encourage support of a particular organization.  Rather, I would encourage the reader to become involved in some way; to research and support the charity of their choice.

If enough people would become involved, we could make starvation a thing of the past.