Senseless Violence

I read in the paper yesterday about two separate acts of senseless violence.  One was the attack on the nursing home in North Carolina where a man went in armed with a rifle and shot and killed a nurse and seven residents before he himself was shot by a police officer.  The second incident involved a twenty three year old man who stabbed his seventeen year old sister to death, decapitated his five year old sister, (whose birthday cake was sitting on the kitchen table) and started for his nine year old sister, before he was shot by a police officer.

From the elderly to the very young, we are shocked at these latest acts of senseless violence.  My heart goes out to the families of the victims, the police who witnessed these tragedies, and all who are involved, touched in any way by these horrendous crimes.

Why??  Why would anyone kill helpless elderly people whom they don’t even know?  Who would kill their little sister on her birthday??  What is this world coming to???

I suppose that sociologists, and psychologists will try to decipher  the root cause of  these actions.  Some kind of explanation will be suggested as the cause of it all.  Violent television, violent music and games, depression, anxiety, the recession, divorce, rejection, name calling… something will be offered as the reasons that led to the violence.

I don’t know what caused it, but I know what can prevent it.

The senseless violence of today can be avoided by accepting the senseless love that God offers to all the world. (I call it senseless love because why does God love us?) 

God loves us as we are, we do not have to earn God’s love by our actions.  God’s love is a transforming love that heals the hurts of the past and brings a brighter future.  All people are loved by God and invited into a relationship with him through Jesus Christ.  The love of God offers hope to all the people of this world.

But not everyone will accept that love.

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2 Responses to “Senseless Violence”

  1. Gloria Says:

    I heard this morning about the mother who feels the system has failed her. Did it? An amber alert was issued for her boys. The father had just been given overnight privileges, when he killed the boys and then killed himself. I can’t begin to imagine the agony of that mother.

    Yet there are those who declare that the devil is an imaginary figure. The Bible says that He is seeking whom he may destroy.

    Ah, but God is an ever present help in trouble. Lots to pray about this morning.

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