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A Mixed Breed

March 17, 2009

I was baptised, confirmed and became a member of an ELCA Lutheran church.  Then I attended an independent pentecostal church, then went to an Assemblies of God college, back to the Lutheran church, attended a Methodist church for a while, then an Assemblies of God, back to the Lutheran church; while finishing school at the A/G college, then on to Lutheran seminary, then credentialed and serving in A/G churches.  Finally, I finished a Masters degree in pastoral studies at a Catholic university.  Religiously, I guess you could say, I am a mixed breed. 

I teach philosophy at a community college.  I am a dualist, in regards to metaphysics.  In epistemology, I accept some things from a rationalist view, some things from an empiricists view, some things from religious revelation, and  I am skeptical about quite a few things.  In ethics, my approach is sometimes, teleological, sometimes deontological, sometimes, virtue, sometimes caring.  I guess I am a mixed breed philosophically.

When I exercise, I do a variety of things.  I run, swim, bike, and practice martial arts.  I do some weightlifting.  I do some power lifting, some Olympic lifting, some body building, some conditional training.  I do some of a lot of things.  I am not very good at any of it.  I guess that I am a mixed breed when it comes to exercise. 


When it comes to food, I like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, German, American, and I am willing to try almost anything.  I like food of all types.  I guess I am a mixed breed when it comes to food.

Musically, I enjoy Contemporary Christian and classical.  Musically, I am not as mixed as in other things, but I still do appreciate a variety of different styles within the Christian context.    

I guess that I am just a mixed breed.

Or maybe I’m just mixed up.