Truth by Popular Vote?

As a country we appreciate a good vote.  American Idol has captivated millions with the opportunity to elect the winner by our votes  The success of Survivor has been partially because we love to watch people live, work, and plot with, and against, each other for the all important vote at the end of each episode.  As a country we recently finished a two year campaign for our political vote, as we elected the people who would be our political leaders.

All of these votes are valid and important; but can a vote be applied to truth?  Some would suggest that it could, that truth itself is a relative concept, that each society decides for itself what is true and what is false. 

It may be true to some degree that each society decides what it accepts as true, or false, but that does not mean that society is able to establish an ultimate truth.  I believe that for many things there is an ultimate, eternal truth.  Our goal should be to search for that truth, not to attempt to create truth by popular vote.  If everyone believes a lie, it may govern their actions, but it is still a lie.  Sometimes lies can be very popular and the truth may be inconvenient, but the truth, ultimately, is worth searching for in our lives.  It may not make us popular, but it will make us right, and the search itself will add a dimension to our lives that would not exist if we simple flowed downstream with the crowd.

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9 Responses to “Truth by Popular Vote?”

  1. Cherie Bell Says:

    I would vote off the island anyone who thinks we can determine ultimate truth by a simple majority.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Are you familiar with The Truth Project offered by Focus on the Family?

  3. Gloria Says:

    “Sometimes lies can be very popular and the truth may be inconvenient”
    very good point.

  4. Pastor Curt Says:


    The idea of truth being subjective is certainly one that is distasteful to me as well, although I do understand the reasoning behind it. Some things that were once thought as true, we later learn to be false. Who is to say that what we now accept as true will not one day change. Unless, of course, you believe in a God that is unchangeable, with a truth that is eternal.

    Suzanne, no I have not heard of the “Truth Project”

    Gloria, some would rather be popular, and have life be easy.

  5. Cherie Bell Says:

    I DO believe that God is unchanging and that there is Truth that is absolute and eternal. Our inability (as finite intellects) to fully comprehend God or Truth is what causes so much confusion in the world, I think. We understand a little. (through a mirror darkly)…but the temptation is to fill in what we don’t understand w/our “best guesses.”

    True wisdom seems to reveal that the more we actually DO know, the more we realize how little we really understand. And that’s ok.

    Oh…and I’d like to go on record as being one who would rather be popular and have life easy.

  6. Suzanne Says:

    Check out Let me know what you think.

  7. Pastor Curt Says:

    I believe that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. Anyone who is using a different starting point is building their life on “shifting sand”. It is best if we recognize the limits of our understanding and not be too dogmatic about the things that we believe are true. It is acceptable to subject what we believe to regular review.

    Me too!

    Suzanne, I went to the site. It appears to be teaching based in a Christian approach to philosophy applied to various areas of knowledge. It looked interesting, and right up my alley.

  8. Suzanne Says:

    I have gone through the course and highly recommend it. There was more to it than I could pick up the first time through.

  9. Pastor Curt Says:

    Suzanne, thank you for the information.

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