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A “Super” Super Bowl

February 2, 2009

Over the years I have had the opportunity to watch a number of Super Bowls.  Often they are less than super.  However the game last night was an excellent game.  Both teams played well and the lead changed twice in the final minutes.  It was truly an exciting game with a great ending.  Of course, not the ending that you desired if you were a Cardinal’s fan, but a great game non the less.  

Even though it was a great game,  I wonder how many people’s lives were adversely affected by it’s outcome?  How many people placed bets of money that they could not afford to lose?  How many people said, or did things during, or after the game, that this morning they regret?  How many people made a great game into something that has negative effects?

I  think that some of us need to re evaluate our attitude towards sports, and indeed life in general.  Our priorities and decisions should be examined regularly, so that we are keeping the proper focus in life.