It’s Not Just a Job

For a Christian, a job should be more than simply a means to a paycheck.  Don’t get me wrong, a paycheck is important, and most people need a job to get one! Yet, if the only reason that we are trudging off to work each day is to earn the money for the things that we want or need, then something is missing from our lives. 

I believe that our place of employment is a part of God’s plan and purpose for our lives.  That he can use our jobs to have an impact in molding our character, and that we can have an impact at our jobs for the kingdom of God. 

God can use our jobs in our lives, and God can use us at our jobs.

This is true whether the job is a temporary means to an end, or a temporary job that lasts twenty years, or a career that one worked long and hard to obtain. 

God can, and does use our employment in our lives,  and us in our place of employment.  It is not just a job, it is a part of God’s plan for our life.  When we realize that, it can help make the daily grind a little bit easier.

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