Judgement Day

Daisy is a lovable, playful Basset hound; with a bladder control problem.

Daisy is currently residing at a nearby Humane Society hoping for a new home.  I hope that she is adopted by someone who will take good care of her, despite her little issue with wetting.

In the beginning I told people that God was using Daisy to teach me grace and mercy.  I knew that she came from a difficult beginning, and that she would need some time to come around.  

Four months later, her time at our house has run out.  It is difficult for me because I really liked this dog, actually, more than any other dog I have ever owned.   I am not willing however, to put up with dog urine on a long term basis.

“A man being often reproved, who hardens his neck, shall suddenly be cut off, and that without remedy.”  Prov 29:1

In the same way that Daisy helped me appreciate grace and mercy, she also is illustrative of judgement.  God loves us and calls us to repentance.   For those who repent and believe in the gospel there is forgiveness and everlasting life.   For those who do not repent and believe there will come one day,  a day of judgement.

Daisy’s judgment was to leave our home.  I sincerely hope, and even pray that she will find happiness in a new home.

For humans, when the day of judgement is at hand, there will be no hope left for those who have rejected the mercy and grace of God offered in Christ Jesus.


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4 Responses to “Judgement Day”

  1. Gloria Says:

    It is weird to not have her around. I am sorry that she just couldn’t get it. I do think that we were gone way too much. She needs someone who is around more and less time in the kennel.
    I know it was hard on you, just remember the vet said that you were doing above and beyond for Daisy. It just reached the way beyond point.

  2. LisaB Says:

    Just out of curiosity, as silly as it may sound, did you ever try preaching to her? You did mention one time something to the effect of you’d never thought about it but might consider it. It does say somewhere in the Bible something about preaching the gospel to all living things and it seems like it even mentioned beast…now I admit that was probably meant more figuritively than literally in the context it was written, but I’m just curious, did you give it a try before she was ousted?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging you for your decision. You did go way above and beyond what a whole lot of people would’ve in giving her chances and sometimes a perfectly good animal just isn’t a right fit for a perfectly fine home or family and it does seem that this just wasn’t a right fit, but I’m just curious on the preaching thing.

  3. Pastor Curt Says:

    I did not try preaching to her, although I did pray for her. I think she needs someone who is home more than we are able to be home.

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