Be Still

“Can’t you just sit still??”

I remember hearing that occasionally as a child.  I also remember saying it a time or two as a parent.  Children are full of energy and often have a hard time sitting still for any length of time without moving or having something to distract or entertain them.

Are we children?

It seems that for some, we have to always have something going on to entertain or distract us.  Television, music, activity of all sorts chugs along throughout our days. 

Can’t we just sit still?

I think that it is good for us to take a little time each day when we do not have something going on around us.  That we take some time each day, to pray, to think, to reflect; even just a little bit, about life, God etc.

A number of years ago, transcendental meditation was introduced to western society and became quite popular for a while.   I believe that is because our society tends to have a hard time finding the  “pause” or “mute” buttons in our lives that it caught on as well as it did.  I do not think that we have to adopt eastern style meditation practices, but I do think that  a little quiet time each day would be good for us all.


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3 Responses to “Be Still”

  1. Gloria Says:

    reminds me of the verse – be still and know that I am God.

  2. Gloria Says:

    that could be LOL

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