Make it Work

We have a new dog in our house.  Her name is Daisy, although she has been called many, many things in the months that she has been in our home.  It has not been easy.  We are the fifth home for Daisy (She is about one and a half  years old.) and she has been a bit of a problem child.  I have told people that she was being used by God to help me understand mercy and grace:)  I think, however, that we have finally found something that is going to work.  We have tried a whole variety of things, and now it seems to be paying off. 

We put quite a bit of effort into the dog because I didn’t think that she would be able to deal with going to the pound, then a new family and starting all over once again.  I felt that we could make it work. 

It made me think about how many people give up on marriage before they try everything that they can try.  Marriage is way more important than a dumb dog, and yet sometimes it seems that people are willing to throw in the towel and call for a divorce, thinking that a divorce will solve their problems.  Divorce leaves a permanet scar, and it is not so easy to start over.  Grace, mercy and commitment are needed in a marriage. 

Find a way.

Make it work.

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4 Responses to “Make it Work”

  1. Gloria Says:

    Makes me think of the fireproof movie. Marriage is indeed full of challenges.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Fireproof is a great movie. I’ve thought of sending for the book “the Love Dare” that is part of the movie… Never too late to learn how to love. By the way, what is working with the dog?

  3. Pastor Curt Says:

    We place her in a kennel when we are going to sleep or when we leave the house. Oddly enough she hasn’t yet had “accidents” in her kennel. It is still a bit of a challenge, because she hates the kennel, and has to be bodily picked up and placed in it.

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