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December 27, 2008

To experience life is to experience change.  Change can be for the better or for the worse.  Sometimes dramatic, sometimes barely discernible.  Remaining static is impossible.  The dynamics of life cause change in one way or the other.  What change is taking place in our lives?  Are we able to guide the change?  Are we able to control the change?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  We cannot control that our bodies age.  We can take care of ourselves, but time will not stop it’s effect upon us physically.  We can take steps to see that the change in our lives is positive whenever possible.

Only God is unchanging.  “I am the Lord, I change not. ”

God’s love for us will never end.

We change, God does not.  If our lives are grounded upon a belief in him, then we have a firm foundation on which to build our lives.