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Ultimate Free Range

December 23, 2008

I enjoy eating venison.  I enjoy hunting deer.  I hunt the second muzzle loader season and it opened yesterday here in Iowa. 

I do not want the animal to suffer.  I hope with all my heart for a good shot, and that the animal will die quickly. ( It will be easier to find, and I will have less far to transport it also.)  I do not take shots that I do not feel pretty good about.

For people who say that it is cruel.  I would remind them that nature itself can be cruel.  If a deer population grows too much the animals will breed disease, starve or encroach in populated areas resulting in more animal/vehicle accidents.   Hunting helps to maintain the population at appropriate levels which is why when herds become too great they add seasons or change limits or number of licenses. 

Besides, unless you are a vegetarian, you eat meat that someone has killed.  Currently there is a movement to encourage animals to live as naturally as possible before being slaughtered for consumption.  It is called free range ranching. 

You could think of deer as the ultimate free range animal.  They live their life in complete freedom, hopping fences, going where they will until one day,  one of them gets to close to my stand during the proper hunting season and times:)