Rick Warren Controversy

I was surprised by all the controversy that was stirred up by President-elect Obama asking Pastor Rick Warren to participate in the inauguration. 

Would Rev. Wright have been a better choice? 

Probably not.

Pastor Warren invited Obama to speak at his church during the campaign.  Warren was criticized by some within the Christian community for that decision.   Obama’s stance on abortion and gay rights is well known, and many Christians would not have considered voting for him because of those positions.   At Saddleback Church, Obama had the opportunity to present other aspects of his campaign.  Many Christian people who disagree with his views on abortion and gay rights, did in fact vote for Obama.

Obama has not changed his position on gay rights or abortion.  (At least not that I am aware of at this time.)  He is simply behaving in the manner in which he has always said that he would, by including people from various viewpoints to be a part of his presidency.

So give the guy a break. 

He has responded to the criticism with the comment “watch what I do”.   I don’t think that the gay community has any reason to be worried.

I’m not sure about the rest of us.

We will wait and watch, and pray; for his administration, and for our country.


4 Responses to “Rick Warren Controversy”

  1. Ezekiel Says:

    I think some of the controversy comes from the lack of knowledge of what “PROP 8” really is. I must confess, I and several people around me all thought PROP8 was “PRO” Gay Marriage until the Holy Spirit showed us a few thing such as the write up in Wikipedia. Yikes!!!

    The moral of this story is to not be quick to pull the trigger. God loves everyone. So we need to be continuously filled with His Holy Spirit and He will show us right from the wrong.


  2. Ezekiel Says:

    Here is “What California Proposition 8” really is all about.

    Proposition 8 was a California ballot proposition that changed the state Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman and eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry.

  3. Gloria Says:

    it will be interesting to watch all of this unfold.

    • Pastor Curt Says:

      Gloria, we live in interesting times.
      Ezekial, thank you for the informative link. Indeed, we need to be careful in gathering information, and praying before acting.

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