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A Work in Progress

December 6, 2008

As I am sitting at the computer my wife is busy doing the Christmas decorating.  I am afraid that my contribution to the process is relatively simple.  I carry the boxes up the stairs and distribute them to the room marked on the box.  Then I carry them back downstairs as she tells me that she is finished with them.  I also help to decorate the tree and put the lights up in the front porch.  My total time is about two hours tops.  My wife spends way more than that.  It takes two to three days to complete the process.  In the interim, it is a work in progress and is quite a mess.

I am reminded that much of what we do is done in stages.  That there are contributions made by various individuals, as we attempt to see progress in our lives.  Sometimes that progress is momentarily stalled.  For example, our house needs to be painted on the outside.  The front has been done, but there is much left to do.  However, it is winter and there will be no more painting going on outside for a while.   It is a work in progress.

Our lives are a work in progress.  Sometimes they are a little messy, sometimes there is a delay in the work, but our lives go on, and little by little. progress is made.