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November 24, 2008

Aristotle believed that the goal of human existence was eudaimonia, a Greek word that means basically happiness, but is also translated as flourishing. 

I like the word flourishing to describe the ideal human condition.  I believe that it is indicative not of a single area of our lives, but of the sum of our lives.  If we  were to put it in religious terms we could say ‘blessed”. 

I believe that we are both blessed, and tried in our lives.  God is good to his people and is always with us, but there are times when the spiritual conflict in which we are involved can take its toll upon our minds, bodies and spirits. 

We have houseplants that my wife takes care of in our home.  I enjoy them but leave their care to my wife.  Every once in a while If they are not watered they will start to look droopy.  Give them a drink, and they perk right back up.

Our lives can be like that. Sometimes, we are getting too much sun and too little water, so to speak.  The work that we do, and the trials that we face, drain us and leave us feeling a little (or a lot) wilted.  When that happens we need to drink deeply of the living waters of the Holy Spirit so that we can be revived.  So that we can indeed even flourish once again.