National Debt Reduction

I was amazed at how much money Obama was able to raise for his campaign.  He is obviously good at getting people to contribute to a cause. 

Maybe he could use that skill to reduce the national debt.  On the tax forms that we file every year there are boxes where we can make contributions to this cause or that cause.  Maybe we could add a box where we could contribute to paying off the national debt.  I don’t know what our arrangements are, or who we owe this money to, but the normal loan has payments of principle and interest.  We could establish a way for people to contribute to paying off the principle of the national debt by their donations.  

This first year, all of those people who make over 250,000 who voted for Obama could voluntarily contribute the difference between what they pay for taxes under Bush and what they will be paying under Obama.  That would be a nice start, and it really wouldn’t cost them any more than what they have offered to pay the government anyway.  Plus, there are many average Americans who recognize the need to pay down our debt, who might just check that box, and make a contribution. 

You have to start somewhere.


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