A New Day Dawns

As I am writing this blog it is literally, and figuratively the dawning of a new day.  The sun is just coming up over the horizon, and a new president has been elected.  What I notice most about this election is that it is not accompanied by an overwhelming sense of anger and frustration like the last two elections.  President Bush, from the first day, had to deal with a country divided, with many who were angry and vocal about the outcome of the election.

Last night I watched John McCain give his concession speech.  He was a man gracious in defeat, ready to support his new president.  The people had spoken, and McCain was humbly willing to accept their decision. 

It would do us all good to learn from his example.  We have a common goal in the welfare of our country.  We have common problems that assail us.  Let us agree to work together for a better future.

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2 Responses to “A New Day Dawns”

  1. Gloria Says:

    As I watched McCain give his concession speech I too was impressed. His love for America was evident. How would Obama have handled it? We will never know. He certainly spent a ton of money on his campaign. What we will see is what will happen now. I agree we all need to work together.

  2. cgirod Says:

    Gloria, thanks for commenting. He sure did spend a lot of money. I wonder what it cost to have that one station playing “Obama’s Plan for America” continuously?

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