Voices in My Head

“I hear voices, and they don’t like you.” 

I have seen this statement on t-shirts, and it makes me think.  First of all, I feel badly for those people who really do hear voices, or see visions, that are a result of a mental illness.  It’s really not anything to joke about on a t-shirt.  This is especially true since most of the people that I have seen wearing these t-shirts are teenagers, and schizophrenia usually doesn’t appear until a person is in their early twenties.  I hope and pray that those individuals never actually have to deal with that very real problem. 

The next thing that I think about is the possibility of hearing voices in our heads that aren’t caused by schizophrenia.  As a Christian, I believe that God can speak into our hearts and minds, that we can hear his voice.   This is a wonderful thing. 

The problem is God’s voice is not the only voice we may hear.  We need to be able to recognize the difference between the voice of God, our own imagination, mental illness, or demonic voices.   

The first step is to compare what we are hearing with the Bible.  The Bible contains God’s revealed word and he will not contradict himself.  This requires a substantial knowledge of scripture and Biblical teaching.  A Christian should be regularly reading and studying the Bible so that they can know what God has revealed to his people. 

Secondly, we need to pray and ask God to give us the ability to discern the truth.

Third, it is good to seek godly council about matters of importance.  People who are spiritually mature can help to discern “blind spots” in our thinking.

We need to be careful, because we certainly don’t want to do things claiming that “God has told us”, if God hasn’t really spoken to us.  In the Old Testament, prophets who spoke falsely in the name of the Lord were executed.  Today, sadly, some people make claims, and then make excuses.

Let’s be careful of the voices that we hear, and the claims that we make about them.



5 Responses to “Voices in My Head”

  1. Gloria Says:

    There are a few t-shirts out there that I shudder at. Words are powerful.

    If the penalty for speaking for God when it isn’t God was enforced today we would have a whole lot less people speaking “God says….” It certainly affects their credibility when they come up with an excuse for why it didn’t come to pass.

  2. cgirod Says:

    I am sometimes amazed at the things that I hear, and that people get away with saying.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    God continues to reveal Himself to His people…as He did with Adam and Eve…as well as numerous chosen others down through the years. BUT..there is no new word. Whether the voices are audible or through night visions…..they have to match up with the Word. As you said, if the communication is from God…it will not contradict scripture. He said in scripture…’what I show you in night visions..speak ye that in the day. But what I tell you in the ear (audible voice) shout it from the rooftops (paraphrased).’ My experiences along those lines are numerous. But they are for my understanding of scripture…and for my under girding. I was also visited by Satan. He appeared to be an angel of light….but when he spoke..I knew who he was. He said, “Do what I ask and you can have the world.” I knew that the warmth and light he projected was a lie. I raised my fist and whammed the place where he sat. It was over. Then..the Holy Spirit spoke to my mind saying, “Greater is He that is within you..than he that is in the world.”

  4. tjalexander Says:

    Those t-shirts make me angry. They have not idea what they’re saying.

  5. cgirod Says:

    Carolyn, Thank you for sharing. I am greatly concerned for those people who think that their personal revelations supercede, or replace, scripture.
    Experiences can be uncertain, God’s Word will last forever.

    TJ, people who wear those shirts are very inconsiderate of those people for whom it is a very real problem.

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