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Divided Time

October 15, 2008

I wonder how different things would be if we were able to focus more on a single task as opposed to multi-tasking our way through life?  In my own life, I pastor a church, teach at a college, work around the house, try to exercise regularly,  and am involved in a variety of outside activities.  I know that there is always more to do, than there is time, or energy to accomplish.

Athletes achieve greatness by focusing all of their energies into becoming the best that they can be at their sport.  How many people come even close to that kind of commitment in other areas of life?  Is that even a good idea?  When we focus all of our energies in a single direction, isn’t it possible that we may become successful in that area, but a failure in other areas of our life?  Have we focused on the right thing?  At the end of our life, will we look back and say “I wish that I had made better choices.” ?

May God help us to make the right choices now, and not have regrets later.  There is no rewind button on life.  Our lives are diverse, and our time must be divided between a variety of activities. 

I hope and pray that both you, and I, choose well.