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Common Goals

October 6, 2008

When people work together for a common goal it is a good thing.  In spite of all our differences, there are goals that we share in common on the global, national, and local levels

I believe that  we can recognize the importance of maintaining the planets health, that ecological concerns, should concern us all. That efforts on the local, national, and global level should be made so that we can minimize the negative effects of our life and actions upon this planet 

I hope that we can also recognize the disastrous effects of nuclear war and the need to restrain any use of nuclear weapons.  For that matter, I believe that most of us desire peace, but at what cost?  And on whose terms?  We all want to be secure and, but we differ on how to achieve these goals.

We all desire, at least, to simply survive.  There are many people on this planet who, frankly, cannot obtain this basic goal.  The number of people who die from lack of the basic necesities is tragic.

We also desire to prosper, to do well.  How much is enough?  To what degree are we content to prosper while others suffer?  What can we do about the gross inequality of the distribution of the world’s wealth and resources?

I suspect that we all would like to live, be at peace, and prosper.  These are common goals.  How can we successfully work together to achieve these goals?