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The Good, The Bad, and The Evil

October 2, 2008

Every day we are surrounded by the good, the bad, and the evil. 

We need to be able to recognize the good.  There is always something that we can look at and appreciate, whether it is an object, or an action.  Some people focus exclusively on what is wrong and do not see the good.  This can really make a person miserable.  See the good in the world around you, in people, and in things and appreciate what is good.

Some things are bad, but not necessarily evil.  The other day, my wife and I were returning from Des Moines on a motorcycle.  It was cold.  Being cold is not a good thing.  It is bad, but not evil.  We should try to minimize the effects of the bad, (Dressing warmer!) and endure the occasional hardship that comes our way. 

Some actions and attitudes are evil.  Evil should be recognized, confronted, and resisted. Racism, for example, is an evil that we should recognize, confront and resist.  Ignoring evil allows it to grow stronger.

Everyday we are surrounded by the good, the bad and the evil.  Let us appreciate the good, endure the bad and resist the evil.  Our lives, and the lives of those around us would be better.  Let’s work together for the good of all.