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Measuring Success

October 1, 2008

How do we measure success?  In school we get grades.  In sports, we win or lose our competitions.  In our employment, we get raises and promotions.  In business, we make money.  For many things in life we can say that we are succeeding if we are accomplishing our goals.

What should those goals be?

Who determines if we have adequately obtained those goals? 

Can work in the church be measured in the same way?

Is church growth the only way that a church is successful?

I believe that only God can truly judge our lives.  God does not judge success or failure in the same terms that people do.  People only see a part of the picture.  God sees everything.  At the end of my life I hope that God will measure my life and ministry and say “Well Done!”  His opinion is ultimately the only one that truly counts.  He is the one who will truly measure our “success”.