Testing Day

Today my philosophy students will take the first test of the semester.  I hope, for their sake, that they have studied and prepared well, and that they will do well on the test. 

Actually, aren’t we all tested, everyday, by the challenges of life? 

I managed to get out of bed this morning.  I think that I would just mark that as a “pass” . I have gone through the normal morning routine fairly smoothly and have checked a number of things off my “to do” list, only being sidetracked for a short while.  I think that I will give those efforts a “B”. 

I have some papers that I really want to have graded in time to return to the students today.  Will I get that accomplished?  Or will I spend too much time on the computer, and on other things?

There are ongoing tests in our life.  Some are important,  some not so much.  How concerned are we about our grade?  Who will do the grading?  Should we care?

Just a little something to think about.

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2 Responses to “Testing Day”

  1. Just me Says:

    Does this mean that since getting out of bed gives me a pass and I am ok with a passing grade that I can stop right there? JK
    It is something to think about.

  2. cgirod Says:

    Just me, it’s a good start. I would go for at least a “B” myself.

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