I just finished reading a post of a friend of mine who has recently had an interview with a personal trainer. 

I don’t think that she enjoyed the session.

I have exercised with some regularity since the 7th grade.  Even today, in my late forties, I go to the gym regularly.  I lift weights, practice martial arts, run and swim on a regular basis.  The fact is that if I have to miss very many workouts, I quickly begin to feel sluggish, and out of sorts.  It affects me both mentally and physically. 

One of  the benefits of regular exercise is that I can continue to do almost any activity that I want to participate in without fear of heart failure or a self inflicted injury.  I say almost any, because my sons have tried to talk me into doing MMA training with them.  I carefully considered it, and decided that it was not a good idea.

Primarily I exercise to maintain my health.  My family has a history of heart disease, and I am trying to keep from becoming the next statistic. 

Exercise does not have to be anything fancy in order to be beneficial.  Simple walking is one of the best things that one can do for improving their health.  More time moving, and less time sitting is basically the idea.  Find activities that will help you to maintain a healthy life. 

People sometimes talk about “quality of life” .  Keeping your body healthy is a key to enjoying the activities of life.  It is particularly important to adapt, and adjust our lifestyles as the years go by.


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2 Responses to “Exercise”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    What is MMA? 🙂

  2. cgirod Says:

    MMA stands for mixed martial arts. It is a full contact sport with very little protective gear, that combines boxing, tae kwon do, ju jitsu, etc. My boys have not had any fights, but have done some training at a local gym. The training involves the use of some protective equipment and a little restraint.

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