Where’s the Purge Button?

On my email, right by the trash icon, there is a purge button.  When I am done reading my emails, and have sent them to the trash, I can then hit the purge button and everything that I had identified as trash is instantly gone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life were that easy?  I would love to be able to go into my garage, point, click, and make some stuff disappear.  I could then move on to the basement, my office,  etc.

Then, perhaps we could look at activities in our life that are taking up our time.  Once again, point, click, and “poof” gone forever from our lives. 

Then there are those personal habits that we have struggled to change.  Can’t we move them to the trash with a click of the mouse, hit purge and make them disappear? 

Of course the problem with a purge button is that it can be done without thoughtful  review.  Once you hit purge, for someone with my computer skills, it is gone forever.

If life were that easy, would we find ourselves getting rid of things too quickly?  Maybe we would find that our decisions might be made a little too hastily, if there were not the physical work involved.  Maybe we would let go of activities in a momentary time of fatigue, that would be difficult, if not impossible to re-establish?  Perhaps, the struggle involved in making personal changes, helps us to lean more upon God for help? 

Maybe a purge button isn’t such a great idea after all.


5 Responses to “Where’s the Purge Button?”

  1. tjalexander Says:

    Is this anything like ordering staples with an easy button? Actually this reminded me of the movie click. As I recall he did not like the power of the remote by the end of the movie. I think that we would tend to make more of a mess if we had too much power to change things at a whim.

  2. cgirod Says:

    Yes, it would be like the Staple’s “easy” button. I did not see the movie “Click”. I generally don’t like Jim Carey’s movies. Doing things in haste is rarely a good idea.

  3. Susan Says:

    I think “Click” featured Adam Sandler…but his movies are generally similar to Jim Carey.
    There is an old phrase that I think can be applied ___________ in haste, repent at leisure. Just fill in the blank with whatever action applies! Also, it seems to me, that just about as soon as something I’ve been holding on to in that “I might need it later” mentality gets thrown away, I really do need it for something.

  4. tjalexander Says:

    Adam Sandler was in “Click” Which I realize is not one of your favorite actors either. It was actually a good movie with a good point. Sometimes we want to get rid of the difficult,inconveniant, or not fun moments in life. With this remote he could do just that with a click of the button. At one point he starts to realize that he is missing so much of his life by doing this. Time with his wife, Missing his kids grow up, ect. It really was a thought provoking movie. It was a different roll for Adam Sandler, out of his “norm”

  5. cgirod Says:

    Susan and tj,
    As a general rule if Sandler or Carey are in the movie I don’t watch it, but perhaps I should check out “Click”

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