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Labor Day

September 2, 2008

On Labor Day I had the opportunity to do some work around my house that needed to be done.  Among those activities was reclaiming my garage.  Over the summer, my son was home from college, bringing his motorcycle with him.  My other son got his license, so then we got another motorcycle.  This meant that we had three bikes in the garage, which meant that I couldn’t fit my cars in, not with all the other stuff as well. 

Over the summer, clutter crept in and made itself at home.

When Chris went back to college, taking his motorcycle with him I was challenged to reclaim the garage.  It took a while, but last night, both cars, and both motorcycles were safely tucked in for the night, nestled in tightly among all the junk.  I am afraid the clutter is still here, but I got everything in!