Motorcycle Helmet Law

I live in Iowa and I ride a motorcycle.  I always wear a helmet even though, in Iowa, and in Minnesota, my home state, I have the legal right to ride without one.  I am amazed at the number of people who choose not to wear helmets.  For many years, it seemed as though I was practically alone in my use of a helmet.  This year I have noticed an increase in the number of people who are wearing helmets.  I suspect that it is because of the number of people who have started riding for the sake of cheaper transportation. 

I have always been amazed at the inconsistency of our laws regarding safety.   In Iowa, and Minnesota, you are required to wear a seat belt in the front seat of an automobile.  If we are going to mandate safety in automobiles, why don’t we mandate safety in motorcycles?  If choice is important for motorcyclists, why is it not important for people riding in a car?  Shouldn’t there be some consistency?  Or is it simply the numbers, and the fact that riding a motorcycle is dangerous with or without a helmet?  Or that the lobbyists for motorcycle rights were more effective?  I wonder what is the justification for the inconsistency?

On a related note,  and more importantly, I have seen adults giving rides on motorcycles to children where neither the adult, nor the child were wearing helmets.  I do believe we should have a law that requires anyone under 18 to wear a helmet.  We require car seats for children in automobiles and I believe that we should require helmets for children on motorcycles.  If adults want to risk cracking thier skulls on the pavement, I suppose that it can be their choice to do so, but I believe that children should be protected until they are adults themselves.

4 Responses to “Motorcycle Helmet Law”

  1. Fanny Eyewear Says:

    Canada is a world leader in motorcycle safety, thanks in part to our longstanding helmet laws and our strong national training program.

  2. cgirod Says:

    I hope that all people will choose to ride safely.

  3. Gloria Says:

    My hair can get tangled enough with a helmet on. I just don’t understand why women would want to have a ‘rats nest’ when they reach their destination.

    Canada sure sounds like they take motorcycle riding serious. We could learn from them.

  4. cgirod Says:

    Some of us don’t have a problem with our hair, but we still want to protect our heads.

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