Summer Breaks Over!

This past weekend we brought one of my sons back to college.  He goes to school at a college about 350 miles away.  At this point, I do not know if he will be back home before Christmas break.

My other son left this morning for his first day of classes at a nearby college.  He will graduate this spring and then plans to enter the workforce.

My classes will begin tomorrow.  I will need to update syllabi today. 

Summer Break is over.

Actually, I taught a summer course so, for me, it really wasn’t much of a break.  Indeed, for me, “break” means working one job instead of two, since my primary occupation is pastoring. 

We did have two different weeks of vacation, which were both wonderful.  One at a lake in northern Iowa in June, the other a motorcycle trip that went to places throughout Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin in August. 

It is time, however to settle back into the routine of pastoring and teaching.  Actually, the idea that pastoring can be routine is rather scary, since really, anything can happen.  So how is that routine?

I have often said that one of the great things about being a pentecostal pastor is that at any given moment, at any given service you do not know what God is going to do.  This is true not only for pastors, but for all of God’s people.  God has great things in store for us all, some now, some later. 

What I do know, is that I trust God.   Completely,  with my life, and the lives of my children, my family, my ministry, my hopes and my dreams, with everything that matters.

So the routine, is not really routine.  It is another day in the life of a Christian; where anything could happen. 

What will happen today?

2 Responses to “Summer Breaks Over!”

  1. Gloria Says:

    Summer break?? Did we have one and I didn’t get the memo?? 😉

  2. cgirod Says:

    You should not have blinked.

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