Life Isn’t Fair, but God is Just

“All men are created equal.”  It’s a great line, and I believe that in the eyes of God, all people are loved equally, but here on earth it doesn’t seem so equal.  Some people are born into families with lots of money and all the opportunities that come with economic privilege, and some are born into poor families with far fewer opportunities.  Some people are blessed with a superior basic intelligence that they only have to  put forth a minimal effort to do well academically, while others struggle mightily to simply pass.  Some people are gifted with physical abilities that allow them to shine in the athletic arena, and some struggle to tie their gym shoes without losing their balance.  Some are blessed in every area, and some seem to have no gifts at all.  How is this fair, or equal?

It isn’t.

This world is comprised of a wide variety of people and circumstances.  We do not have control over many things in our lives, but we do have control over what choices we make, and the attitudes that we maintain.

I believe that God rewards good choices and good attitudes.  I believe that God knows everything about us and our circumstances.  He is loving  and merciful, kind and just.  He will enable us to live out our lives in a relationship with Him that makes the other aspects of our lives pale in significance.  At the end, “Many who are first, will be last, and many who are last, will be first.”  God will judge us not on how much we have in this life, but what we do with what He has given us. Remember that “to whom much is given, much will be required.”  Maybe its not so bad, to not have much.

Just something to think about.

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