Seeing the Hand of God

On the last full day of our latest motorcycle trip we travelled from near Garrison, MN to Duluth, up the north shore to Split Rock lighthouse, back down through Duluth, over to Superior, WI, and then we began to look for a hotel.  We stopped at one that we hoped would be within our budget and were amazed at the price that they were asking.  We talked about it  and agreed that there would be something better down the road.  Earlier in the day we had agreed that God would have a place for us… and that hotel wasn’t it.

A little further down the road there was indeed a hotel in Solan Springs, WI.  There was only one hotel in that town and they had one room left.  It was a nice room with a beautiful lake view.  the price was less than the previous hotel.  This was indeed the room that God had for us. 

I wonder how often we settle for something that is less than what  God intends for us because we are impatient?  Or because we are unwilling to go the extra mile? 

I wonder how often God provides a blessing in our life and we don’t even realize it? 

How often does he protect us from things that could happen,  and we just assume that it is nothing?

I wonder how often we see the hand of God at work in our lifes?

I wonder how often we give Him thanks?

Probably not often enough.

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