When Does God Help?

Recently we had visitors at our church which included a boy about twelve years old.  He had been doodling a little during the service and afterwards the parents showed me what he had been writing.  Along with some pretty decent artwork was something similar to the line “God doesn’t help because he doesn’t want us to become weak and dependent.”  I was a little surprised because it didn’t have much to do with what had been the theme of the service and also because I had never thought that asking God’s help makes us weak.  Then I flipped the paper over and it read ” God helps us when we are in need, so that we do not give in to despair.”  Now, I was impressed.  This young man had made some excellent points.  When we are facing problems God does not necessarily simply make the problem go away.  More often He will give us wisdom, strength and courage to do what is right.  Yet there are times when we are so overwhelmed that He does indeed, simply reach into our world and do a marvelous intervention.  God is good, and He will always help, one way or another, if we call upon His name.


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