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Abortion Prayers

August 5, 2008

Recently, I had a conversation with an individual at the local gym.  He asked me what our churches position was on abortion.  “We are opposed to abortion.”  I confidently replied.  He then asked me what we were doing about it, and there wasn’t much that I could reply.  He encouraged me to join a group of people that pray on Tuesdays at a nearby facility that performs abortions.  I promised him that I would think about it.

I decided that I could indeed encourage our people to join with them in prayer.  I am encouraging our church to become involved with their prayers in this way.  On Tuesdays there are three ways to pray.  In the morning, pray for the young women who are planning to have an abortion.  Pray that these young women might change their minds and choose life for their unborn babies.  At noon pray for the doctors, nurses, and other individuals who work in the abortion industry.  Pray that they might feel conviction about their work, and find other forms of employment.  In the afternoons or evenings, pray for the women who have had abortions, that their bodies, and hearts may be healed, and that they might find the love and forgiveness that God has for them.  These prayers may be done at any location.  However, if individuals want to join the group on the sidewalk across from the clinic they would be made welcome.

The next time that I talk with this man I will be able to tell him that I encourage people to pray, and prayer is a powerful action.