Faith in God

My faith in God is the foundation of my existence.  It is my faith in God which provides purpose, strength and hope.  Purpose, because I believe that God has a role for me to play personally, that I matter, in some small way in the plan that God has for the history of the world.  Strength, because I believe that God will not give me more than I can handle, although I appreciate a line that I heard attributed to Mother Theresa; “I wish that God did not trust me so much.” 🙂  I trust that in Christ I can do all things.  (Phillipians 4:13)  Hope, because I believe that all things work together for good, not just some things, but all things.  (Romans 8:28 )

But where does this faith come from?  Scripture says that “Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God.”  (Romans 10:17) so I read the Bible regularly.  Yet there are people who read the Bible plenty and yet have no true faith in God.  I believe that the Word of God is used by the Spirit of God to illicit a response within our hearts.  That response can be acceptance with faith, or rejection and disbelief.  Acceptance is not “blind faith” but rather it is a seeing with the “eyes of faith” rather than natural sight, or reason. 

I must say that the pieces of the puzzle of this life, fit together very nicely, when viewed through the eyes of faith.  For those areas that don’t make any sense, faith fills in the blanks.

2 Responses to “Faith in God”

  1. lmajeed Says:

    Faith IS the true foundation of all belief. It’s what let’s us trust God- to give us the good times and bad. Have you read the English translation of the Holy Quran? I would certainly recommend it- it strengthens your faith even more, and why wouldn’t it? Both the Qur’an and Bible are sent by the same God! I’m glad to see that your faith in God is so strong and stable.

  2. cgirod Says:

    Imajeed, thank you for reading my blog and for your comments. Jews, Christians and Muslims do indeed all trace their faith back to Abraham, but only Christians recognize Jesus as the Christ, the unique Son of God, who died for the sins of the world and rose again from the dead, providing a means of salvation for those who believe in Him.

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