Basics of Christian Growth

Many years ago I was involved with a gospel singing group called “The Christian Life Singers”.  It was a great experience and was my introduction to ministry.  We would regularly have times of prayer with people.  If we prayed with someone for initial salvation we always encouraged them to continue in three areas for spiritual growth.  I still believe, thirty years later, that these three basics are the basics for Christian growth.

Bible Reading:  It is important to spend some time in God’s Word every day.  God is able to speak to us through His Word.  It provides structure, guidance, and lots of information.  We can spend a lifetime and still not get everything that is available to us in the pages of The Book.

Prayer:  We need to spend time each day in the presence of God.  We can talk with God about anything and everything.  We can quietly sit in His presence and allow the opportunity for Him to speak to us.  In the presence of God there is joy, help, healing… all that we might need.

Church Attendance:  We need to get together with other believers.  We both give and receive encouragement and support. There is something special about the people of God getting together.  We are not alone in this world, we are a part of the family of God.

These basic disciplines or practices will contribute significantly to our spiritual growth whether we have been a Christian for a few minutes or several decades.

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