Church: part three; Prayer

Prayer makes a difference!  When we are facing situations that are difficult we can trust that God will either change the situation or change us.  By that I mean that God is able to work in this world in powerful ways in response to prayer.  If the circumstances that we are facing do not change then God will give us the grace, strength and wisdom to deal with the problem.

Prayer is not always about problems.  We pray to talk with God about our lives.  The good, the bad, the everyday; everything that goes on in our lives.

Prayer in church is both individual and corporate.  There are times for personal prayer and reflection.  There are times for the believers to pray together.  It is powerful when people pray together in unity. (Mathew 18:19-20)  It should not be just the leader praying, but all agreeing together.  As we pray together, great things can happen.

Our attitude is important.  Here are a few things to remember. 

We have faith that God loves us, hears us, and is able to help us. (Hebrew 11:6)

We make requests, not demands.  (Phillipians 4:6)

We accept yes, no, and not yet, as answers to our prayers.

We seek the will of God.  (Luke 22:42)

We thank God for all things.  (I Thessalonians 5:18 )

“Pray without ceasing.”  (I Thessalonians 5:17)

3 Responses to “Church: part three; Prayer”

  1. tjalexander Says:

    prayer good.

  2. LisaB Says:

    One of my favorite phrases is “Never underestimate the power of prayer!” It is SO-O-O-O true! If only more people were able to realize the depths of that truth…yet, it would behoove a person to keep in mind that they ought to be careful what they ask for, especially if it could be ironicly answered.

    i.e. If you’re spazzing out over something you’re struggling to calm down from while in the shower you might not want to say “Lord, please help me to chill!” You just might find the pilot light on your water heater promptly blown out inexplicably! (Yes, personal experience talking)

  3. cgirod Says:

    Tonya, I agree,

    LisaB, having come from Minnesota, I almost never use the phrase, “help me to chill”.

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