Church: part one

The church is an interesting mixture of the human and divine, the physical and the spiritual, the imperfect and the perfect.  It is similar to us in that it can be led by the Spirit, or by the flesh.  It can be wonderful, or it can be horrendous.  For all of its imperfections, I believe that the local church plays a very important role in the ongoing work of Christ in the world.  I suspect that many of the problems that people have with the church is a result of focusing on the human side, with all of its imperfections, rather than on the spiritual side, with all of its possibilities. 

The role of the church can be expressed as praise, prayer, proclamation, people and presence.  At various times in the near future I will expound on each of these areas in turn.  It will present, not a complete picture, but a good start on my concept of church.

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