Growing Up, Growing Old, Growing Still

As I was sitting here today wondering what to write about I glanced up at a collection of family pictures.  The pictures cover about sixteen years in the life of my family.  As I think about it, I realize that my boys are definitely growing up.  They are young men,  working, pursuing an education, making choices about their lives, preparing to be out completely on their own before too long. 

It’s not that I wonder where the time went, It feels like forever since the time-before-children.  It’s that things are changing.  I suspect that I am growing older.  Oh wait, that is a biological necessity isn’t it?  It’s just that I am starting to notice it, just a little.  I realize that I have more in common with retirees than recent college grads.  For me, retirement is still a long way off, but I am more than halfway there.  Oh yeah, I think it is called middleage.  Isn’t there something about a midlife crisis?  I am way too busy to have time for a crisis, it will have to wait.  I will put it on my “to do” list,  but it will not be marked as a priority.

The other day, I was speaking with a young man in his early thirties.  He has a good job, a young family, a house, etc.  I told him about my theory that each stage in life has it’s own challenges and rewards, but that each decade of life gets better…I am not sure that he bought it.  

I believe that I continue to grow, not simply older, but more developed in my relationship to Christ.  I believe that I understand, and appreciate, more of the intricacies of this life here on this earth.  I believe that I am growing still.


4 Responses to “Growing Up, Growing Old, Growing Still”

  1. LisaB Says:

    Your comment about “suspecting” you’re growing older reminded me of something a lady said to me a few weeks ago. She said her 80 year old father used to always say “I’m really a 19 year old stuck in a (however old)’s body” She said she used to laugh at him and now she’s pushing 50 or something like that and she says that’s really how she feels, “like a teenager stuck in some old person’s body.”

    It’s a bizarre feeling to notice the people around oneself getting older and watching one’s own reflection age, yet feeling nowhere close to having aged along with them. (Seems most people either feel a lot older or a lot younger. I haven’t met many people who’ve said “I feel exactly as old as I’m supposed to be biologically and chronologically.”)

  2. cgirod Says:

    LisaB, Thank you for commenting.

  3. Cherie Bell Says:

    Attitude is everything. If we think older is better, we’ve got a good shot at having it that way.

    I’ll never forget my aunt’s words to me that I could expect my body to fall apart at 50. She was dead serious. How annoying!

    Your description of a “man in his early thirties” as being “young” is especially telling…

  4. cgirod Says:

    Cherie Bell,

    early thirties seems young to me…

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