Chain Reaction

A single domino falling over may not seem like much, yet if it is the first domino in a chain that stretches out over a distance and involves thousands of domino’s it can be quite an impressive sight.

We do not know the final impact of our actions.  What are the ongoing effects of what we do?  I believe that as we live our lives seeking to make the right choices, that our lives will have quite an impact for good.  We will  never know in this life, all that is affected by our choices.  In the same way, bad choices can have quite an impact as well.  A single wrong choice can really mess up our lives and the lives of others.

When my boys were young, a regular part of our prayers together included “help us to make good choices and decisions.  In fact, I still pray for my sons, that they will make good choices and decisions, because obviously it is still important. 

Think before you act.

Think before you speak

Pray that God will guide your every step, choice, and all that you say and do.

Who knows what impact we will have for the kingdom of God?


5 Responses to “Chain Reaction”

  1. Platowannabe Says:

    Good points… The real conclusion here is that no domino starts or finishes in a vaccume. Something made it fall, and it in turn makes something else fall.

    We are a series of cause and effect, with some measure of free will based on our perspective alone. And with that understanding, we should do what we feel is right and let the dice, or domino’s, fall where they will.

  2. Gloria Says:

    It has been evident from the first moment I met you, that you do think before you speak or act. You have set the example that it can be done. 🙂 It is a very admirable trait!

  3. cgirod Says:

    Platowannabe, I am glad that you included the phrase “some measure of free will”. I cannot say how it works exactly, but the concept of free will is very important to my conception of humanity. We are profoundly influenced by our environment, but there is still the capacity to choose.

    Gloria, Sometimes I think too much before I speak, do you remember the people at St. Mark’s who would chuckle about the “long pause” in conversations?

  4. Gloria Says:

    LOL. You did have long pauses. I didn’t pause long enough. What a match. 🙂
    Remember Cisco and how he would translate everything in his head from Spanish to English – if I remember correctly – before speaking? Wow. There’s some thinking.

  5. cgirod Says:


    Cisco went from Spanish to English, I had to filter out military terminology.

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