The Meaning of Life

I believe that the meaning in our life is found in fulfilling the plan or purpose that God has for us.  Each and every person has a role that they play in the kingdom of God.  This begins at conception and ends at our death.  There is no point in our lives where we are useless or  without purpose.  The part that we play  is not necessarily a starring, dramatic role.  There are countless numbers of people that live apparently,  rather ordinary lives.  Each life has a beauty all its own.  The very best place for each of us to be, is wherever it is that God wants us to be.  In that place, we can be at peace within ourselves.  Like threads in a tapestry, our lives blend together to make up the fabric of the ongoing artistry of God.  The work of God of which we are all a part is indeed majestic and wonderful.  We can take great joy in the knowledge that in fulfilling the purpose that God has for us,  we are a part of something much greater than ourselves.


6 Responses to “The Meaning of Life”

  1. Pete Wilson Says:

    So true! I can’t imagine going through this life with a feeling of no purpose.

  2. cgirod Says:

    Pete, Thank you for your comment.

  3. Mike Says:

    That is an outstanding and succint explanation. I recently read Freiman’s Current Events, Conservative Outcomes which has a chapter on the meaning of life and he explains exactly what you said in a little more detail. He believes all humans are part of a network of souls that are connected and largely this is why abortion and euthanasia are not appropriate. Every life has value from start to finish. Only God is capable of determining when to take away something from the network. You can see a snippet of the book at

  4. Louise Lewis Says:

    Yes, I so agree about fulfilling the purpose. Thankfully, I finally listened long enough to hear what I’m suppose to do…took me a while 🙂

    Problem is, as I see it, since society is so busy listening to Ego and not Spirit, there are many lost folks aimlessly bumping into each other. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe that gives both people — the bumper and the bumpee — an opportunity to talk, exchange ideas, and learn from the other. Imagine!

    As my simple way of saying ‘thank you’ and giving back, I’d like to offer you (and all who read this) a free gift (pdf) copy of my book. No strings attached, really. (I know, hard to believe these days 🙂

    take care,
    Louise Lewis, author
    No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!

  5. cgirod Says:

    Mike, I try to keep my blog entries brief to keep them more quickly readable. Thank you for the book reference for those who want to read more about the topic.

  6. cgirod Says:

    Louise, Certainly there are many people who have yet to find their place in this world. It is my prayer that God may use me to help others fulfill their purpose, as I continually seek to live out my own.

    Thank you for the book offer!!

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